Seminar Praskripsi (Children Acquisition of Icons and the Role in Playing Playstation 2; A Study Case)

ini dokumen yang saya temukan karena melacak dengan tidak sengaja daerah terlarang dari file skripsinya kaceaa.. hahaha.. tenyata ada ini..isinya kalo tdk salah ini skripsinya kaceku toh tentang tingkat pengetahuan bahasa inggris pada anak-anak yang suka main PS itu apakah dia tau arti perintah PS melalui iconnya atau memang tau arti bahasa inggrisnya.. :D sotta' sedikit tak mengapa haha..
cekidot.. saya sja tdk menger.. ini studi kasus..

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JANUARY 5, 2009
Children Acquisition of Icons and the Role in Playing Playstation 2;
A Study Case

            Nowadays, we can deny, that technology becomes one of the important things that can influence people. Technology becomes part of our daily needs. We can see that technology also using language as their main part to simplify our activity or to entertain us.  One of them is playstation. People, especially children, love this kind of technology because it can lose their boring and sometimes help them to understand subconsciously simple sign in the form of icon.
            Iconic signs are those whose forms mirror their meanings in some respect ( Alan Cruse, Meaning in Language,7: Oxford university press). Pierce brings the theory about sign in semiotic point of view that so-called semiotic pragmatic. Semiotic pragmatic is a branch knowledge that study about the relationship between sign, object, and interpret ant. He explain about the object based on three important element that so-called icon, index, and symbol.
            Pierce says that sign is “…something which stands to somebody for something in some respect or capacity” (Noth, 1995). He believes that subject play an important  role as unseparated thing from the signifier and significant. In iconicity, the link between significant and signifier have the quality of similarities.
            Sometimes we never realize that the acquisition of the children to recognize icon when they are playing playstation 2 is an interesting topic. We can see how far the children helped by icon when they are play and how the icon work while playing. According to this subject of research, the writer would like to analyze the icon or are they ever thing about how the icons work.
            There are many researchers that have been written about this. One of them is M.Hairul Huda from Airlangga University (2007). He wrote about the acquisition of English directive utterance by children during playing playstation 2. In his writing, he prove that children do not just wasting their time during play video games but they can master to understand simple directive utterance in English while playing. But he studies just about how directive utterance can help children to understand simple word in English. He even never talks about how the children are helped by the icon while they are playing. So, in this study the writer wants to find out how the icons help the children and how the children helped by the icon.

            According to previous explanation, as part of our daily language, iconicity needs to be analyzed in order to understand or get a clear description of what happens during the children playing playstation 2. But, it has no data showing how the children interpret the right icon to continue their playing or how the icons help the children while playing. This study will provide data for showing that icon help the children to play and the children can interpret it even though they never study about icon before. There some question that the writer wants to find out by doing this research:
  1. How the children interpret the icons while they are playing?
  2. What process that may occur when the children cannot interpret the icons well?
  3. What relationship that occurs between icons and children while playing Playstation 2? 

            By doing this study, the writer will describe the condition that may occur if there is no clear description for this problem. If the children cannot interpret the icon while they playing video games, they may get lose, play badly or they cannot even play at all. The same thing may occur when they misinterpret the icon which is show during play because different icon maybe needs different action. The writer will provide the data to support and in order to obtain a clear description.  Also for the student, if they are have no data about this problem so they cannot get a clear description about this problem and it could become stumbling stone to the future research.  

            In doing this research, there are several significance;
Ÿ   For the people or students who are interested in studying about speech act, the writer hopes that the writing will give a fruitful knowledge about speech act in semiotics point of view.
Ÿ   The writer also hopes that the research will have continuity from the readers who are interested in this research.
Ÿ   For the general person, the writer hopes that this writing would become a good description to know what are really happen in our society.

   Sign is one of the interesting studies in language. Sign is a part of semantic referential which is known by Charles Sanders Pierce, an American philosopher who was develops pragmatisicm in semiotics point of view. According to Pierce, sign “is something which stands to somebody for something in some respect or capacity.”  Something, that we used to put sign into function so- called ground.
            In consequences, sign, always contained in triadic relationship. That is ground, object and interpretant. Based on this relationship, Pierce, bringing into classification of sign. Sign, be keyed to its ground, divided into Qualisign, Sinsign and Legisign. Qualisign is the qualities that stick of the sign, signsign is something which is talk about the existence of the thing or event of the sign and legisign is the norms of the sign.
            Pierce, than, distinguish three basic concepts of semiotics. They are syntaxes semiotics, semantic semiotics, and pragmatic semiotics. In this writing, the writer would be concern in pragmatic semiotics as the major of research.
            Pragmatics semiotics is the study of relationship between sign, object and interpretant. Based on the object point of view, he divides the sign into icon, index, and symbol. Furthermore, Pierce explains that the icon is sign which has a similarities relationship between its signifier and signified. In other word, icon is a relation between sign and object based on its similarities point of view.
            Not only Pierce who become the person behind this theoretical background. There are also Saussure, Barthes, and Odgen &Richard who are delivered their theory of sign. The existence of Saussure theory is find the relation between signifier and signified based on its convention, which is so-called signification. So, his theory aims to find the link between elements of sign according to the certain convention.
            The next is Rholand Barthes. In his theory, he divided into two dichotomies. They are denotation and connotation. Denotation is the level of sign which is explained the relation between signified and signifier in reality that could be able to produce explicit meaning. While, connotation is the level of sign which is explained the relation between signified and signifier in order to produce the implicit one.
            Something different came from Odgen and Richard. They combined Saussure’s and Barhes’s and found the tracheotomies relationship between signified and signifier. They divide signifier in smaller form and called them actual function and object properties. In this theory, signified aims as a meaning, concept and idea but signifier aims as description of actual function and object properties. Those whole things link together to get what we called “meaning”.
            In this writing, the writer tries to combine those theories to solve the case. But Pierce would take much place than the others because according to the writer, Pierce and his theory is more appropriate than the others.

I. Type of Research
            This research is kind of observational research with descriptive approach. The data would be collect and would be analyze in obtain to answer the question that occur in statement of the problem.  To make this research connected with previous research, the writer also uses library research method in order to get some previous study of this case and make a little comparison.

II. Sample and Population
            Population of this research is 15 children in 5th grade of Elementary School who like to play playstation 2. Sample of this research is the games that almost of them like to play either adventure game or skill game.

III. Method of Sampling
            Method of sampling in this research is field research. The writer would give them a questionnaire before, during, and after they playing. This questionnaire then showed what may occur and how they solve if they face the problem. 

Ini hasilnya pas sudah jadi skripsi :D

         WIDYARTI, the Role of English Directive Utterances in Playing Playstation 2 for Children English Acquisition (A Study Case) dibimbing oleh R.S.M. Assagaf dan Sitti Sahraeny
        Salah satu cara memperkenalkan bahasa asing terutama bahasa Inggris kepada anak (pelajar pemula) adalah dengan metode games. Jenis games yang dapat digunakan adalah yang dapat merangsang anak untuk dapat sekaligus belajar dan bermain pada waktu yang bersamaan. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui manfaat video games (Playstation 2) untuk meningkatkan kemampuan anak dalam mempelajari bahasa Inggris.
              Disain penelitian ini adalah penelitian observational dengan menggunakan pendekatan deskriptif kualitatif yang dilakukan pada responden yang berusia 10-12 tahun ( kelas 5 atau 6 sekolah dasar). Sampel yang digunakan berjumlah 12 orang dengan 2 judul video games yang berbeda.
            Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa responden yang sering bermain video games memiliki tingkat kemampuan menangkap arti sebuah ujaran lebih baik dibandingkan dengan yang tidak pernah bermain video games. Selain dapat menambah perbendaharaan kosakata, video games juga dapat merangsang anak untuk meningkatkan kemampuan yang lain seperti kemampuan mengeja, membaca serta berfikir logis dan memecahkan masalah dengan lebih baik.   

kalau skripsi gizi disuruh bikin dalam bahasa inggris begini saya akan kabuuuuuur hahha :D    

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